Parc aquatique - camping le Pin Parasol

50 meters of swimming

1st campsite with a great and big swim lane

Piscine extérieure quartier nature et sens - camping le Pin Parasol
Baignade quartier nature et sens - camping le Pin Parasol
Piscine intérieure quartier nature et sens - camping le Pin Parasol

Simply new !

For exercise or relaxation, enjoy 50 meters only for you! Refine and beautifully slender, our swim lane offers 50 meters to practice swimming! Never seen in the campsites domain! Dare to choose the difference and book your stay in our campsite with swimming pools.

You do not believe this? It is very real! A 50-meter swim lane runs through our beautiful sensory water park at Nature & Sens.

In addition to being unique in the campsites domain, we imagined this line with a subtlety that has become a real asset: 25 meters inside and 25 meters outside!

Imagine yourself … Practice your favorite sport while having the luxury of swimming in the sun of the Vendée or in a refreshing setting where a wall of decorative water awaits you at the bottom of our indoor park.

No coincidence, only luxury and absolute well-being. Yelloh! Village Le Pin Parasol has thought of you, only you and the exceptional moments that you will live here …