COVID-19 Information

In the current pandemic context, we wanted to provide you with some details following your very numerous requests.
Today remains two months for the situation to evolve and for a possible return to normal before the reopening of our campsite scheduled for May 15th.

Our priority is the protection of all and the respect of sanitary rules for the good of everyone. We thank you for your understanding and we send you our support in these difficult times.

Also, it is very complicated for us to answer all your legitimate questions. Quite simply because we do not ourselves, for the time being, have answers to our questions from the administrations.

Below, first answers for first questions:

1. You have a booking WITH the Cancellation insurance:

You wish to cancel your booking?

Only through your subscription to the prior cancellation insurance, depending upon your reason for departure, you can get a refund.

In the event of cancellation, please declare the claim within 5 working days after becoming aware of it, except in the event of unforeseen circumstances or force majeure directly on the website:

2. You have a booking WITHOUT the cancellation insurance:

a) The refund of the deposit is not possible.

b) The refund of the second and the third payment (except deposit) or the balance (due to be paid before 30 days before your arrival date) could be done on request.
Please make the request for cancellation or refund of the 2nd and 3rd payments (excluding deposit) maximum before 30 days before your arrival. Between the 30th day before the arrival date and the arrival date, the request for cancellation or refund cannot be taken into account.

c) The second and third automatic payment could be cancelled on request.

d) Any customer who has a booking on a possible period of exceptional closure of the establishment, will have an asset for a booking at the same campsite for the 2020 season, subject to availability. If the requests do not correspond to the availability of the schedule, the down payment will not be refunded.

We will therefore keep you informed on our of the next events as soon as we know more.

We look forward to welcome you warmly, Céline, Patrice and the whole Pin Parasol’s team wish you to follow the instructions and safety rules to meet us for unbelievable holidays !